7 Relationship Promises That People With Anxiety And Depression Wish They Could Make

Photo by Foto Pettine on Unsplash

1. I promise to let your love be the shining beacon of hope when I’m in my darkest spot.

2. I promise to love you on my bad days but even more on my good days.

3. I promise to try to over-communicate on the bad days, so you know it’s not you.

4. I promise to get help and reach out to people, including you, when I’m not doing so well.

5. I promise I’ll try to stop thinking you’re going to leave after every anxiety attack or bout of depression.

6. I promise that all my weird quirks that stem from my anxiety will get easier to deal with.

7. I promise that I’ll never leave you behind.

You can find Alex writing about heartbreak, depression or love. Editor at The Creative Cafe. Work with me www.alexandriabrown.ca.

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