Given The Choice, I Will Always Choose Love

Alexandria Brown
4 min readJun 23, 2021
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My mother has always told me that I have a gift that not many people have; the ability to love people no matter what. I’ve never seen it as a gift but more as just a part of me. If I can give love to the people who feel broken or unlovable or not worthy then maybe they can start to love themselves too. There are different points in everyone’s life when we struggle and we all need someone to just help us get through. My main goal is whenever I come into contact with someone is to give them total and unconditional acceptance.

But I don’t try to change people. You can’t change people. You can love all the pieces that make them who they are but that in itself is a battle sometimes. We as people aren’t always the nicest or have the best judgment and when we feel like we’re less than it’s hard for us to believe someone is going to be there no matter what. So we lash out. We lash out at the people who make us feel the safest because we know at the end of the day they’re going to be around because we know their love is unconditional.

I’ve been on the wrong end of people’s anger a lot. A lot. So much that it made me question if I could keep being the person I was. The person who always saw the good in people even in their toughest hour. I remember telling my mother I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t be the friend busy picking up everyone’s pieces while my own armor was cracking.

Then something amazing happened. I realized that I had one of those friends who is just like me. Who’s there when I need her and who is there when everything is falling apart to help me pick it all backup. That’s when I realized what my mother meant by it was a gift.

To give someone a chance to be themselves, a chance to really feel comfortable and accepted is the ultimate gift you can give anyone.

We’re all a little broken in some way. Some of us have shit that’s been brewing for a while and we’re just now dealing with it. The load doesn’t always have to be all on you. If you can even let one person in to see the scary parts and to even listen to you when you don’t feel good enough then you’re already starting the healing process.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stayed up late at night listening to a girlfriend cry about something. Or the times…

Alexandria Brown

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