I’ve always been curious about people’s definition of what it means to travel. Does it mean to go on long extended trips and see a new place you’d never seen before? Or is it simply a weekend getaway camping trip in the woods two hours away from home?

I think that’s the beauty of the word travel; there really is no set definition. To travel, quite simply is to leave your home to see something else. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t an avid traveler if on the weekends you spend them in the woods just down the road from your house.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a lot of places around the world but the best trip I’ve ever had was to my parents’ house. Where they live is surrounded by lakes, wineries and amazing hikes. You can take time to go from winery to winery, tasting the grapes that were produced in the Okanagan. It was only a seven-hour drive from my own home but it was almost like going to a different country. I figured out that the reason it was such a great trip was because of the people I was with.

And maybe that’s what it means to travel. You go with people you love or by yourself and you discover things you’ve never seen before. I get offended when people say to others that they haven’t traveled because they haven’t left the country. That’s not fair. Not everyone has the money to leave the country. Not all of us have money to go on multi-week trips. And that’s OK.

Multi-week trips are also amazing. Seriously I know. I can definitely attest to how incredible it is to be in multiple different countries over a series of months. It was the most beautiful time in my life because I found myself in places I never thought I would. It was sometimes the most difficult thing because I found there were times I was alone and had to struggle to find things that otherwise at home would be easy to get. I found my inner strength on these trips because I had to rely on me and that’s something I would recommend to anyone.

What I’m trying to say with two different examples is that the definition of travel is so open. No one can ever look at another person and say they haven’t traveled; unless that person has literally never left their house.

Travelling is whatever you make it. Travelling is seeing the beauty in something different. Travelling is finding pieces of yourself in places you never thought you would. It’s getting lost in a town square and it’s sun tanning on a beach. It’s hiking that trail and breathing in that mountain air.

Whatever your definition of travel is, get out there and do it. There’s entire world just waiting for you to discover it.

You can find Alex writing about heartbreak, depression or love. Editor at The Creative Cafe. Work with me www.alexandriabrown.ca.

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